For information on transferring to SFDS for the 2020-2021 contact Mary Kay Ramirez at 773-731-7272 or We are currently holding virtual office hours for transfer students as well as incoming freshman. Read here for information.

To enroll in St. Francis de Sales, the student must complete the following procedures:

  1. Download the Transfer Packet.

  2. Furnish a completed Transfer Admission Application, an unofficial transcript, and any other pertinent academic information (IEP, Standardized Testing information, 7th and 8th grade transcripts, etc.).

  3. Produce a Discipline and Attendance Report from previous high schools.

  4. Attend subsequent Summer School classes or make arrangements to make up academic deficiencies if needed.

  5. Provide a letter(s) from all previous high schools stating that there are no financial delinquencies remaining.

  6. Meet with the Admissions Director, the head of Guidance, and the Dean of Students for an interview.

  7. Meet with the Admissions Director and/or Guidance Counselor to select courses for the upcoming academic year.

  8. Complete information on cards in the Student-Parent Handbook if transfer occurs during school year.

  9. Pay the registration fee, and complete and sign a Tuition Contract.

St. Francis de Sales H.S. reserves the right to deny admission to a student who:

  1. Is an incoming freshman or sophomore with more than one (1) credit deficiency at the time of enrollment.

  2. Is an incoming junior with more than one-half credit deficiency at the time of enrollment.

  3. Is an incoming senior with any academic deficiencies.

  4. Has a history of disciplinary or attendance problems at the previous school(s) of attendance.

  5. Has an outstanding balance at any school.

  6. Refuses to accept probation, if required.

  7. Is unable to be scheduled in the available academic program of studies.

A diploma will be granted only to students who have attended St. Francis de Sales for two (2) semesters in the senior year and have met all requirements for graduation.