To be OFFICIAL the transcript must be mailed FROM St. Francis de Sales to the place of business or school. If Transcript is sent to a home address, the transcript will be stamped "UNOFFICIAL". 

For Alumni or Transfer Students:

In order to process your online request for transcripts, we will need you to complete the three part procedure:  

1. Open Form,  complete and submit
2. Open On-line Payment, complete
3. Complete the State Issued ID Submission Form

The cost is $5.00 per transcript request. Once all forms are received the request takes 5 school days to complete.  

For Third Party: 

Verification of Graduation or Transcript request must be on business or institutional letter head, received via mail, along with written request, a signed released authorization form with original signature of the alumni and the $5.00 fee.  

Once V.O.G. request is received via mail, the request takes 5 school days to complete.

Please fill out the Photo ID Form HERE