Pioneer Parents

Thank you for choosing St. Francis de Sales for your child's education. You made the right choice! We are proud of so many things that happen at our school, both inside and outside the classroom, and I hope you choose to be a part of it. Your involvement in your son/daughter's academic life is critical to their success, and your involvement in our school is equally important.

There are many ways to get involved at St. Francis...

  • Serving in the Parents' Club
  • Participating in parent/teacher conferences
  • Attending athletic, drama and musical events
  • Helping with school fundraisers and social activities
  • Volunteering at the school
  • Serving as a parent ambassador to grammar schools
  • ...and MORE!

We know how busy you are and certainly do not take your involvement for granted, but your investment in our school and your child's education has a return that is immeasurable.