24 credits are required for graduation.

 The St. Francis de Sales graduation requirements are aligned with the Illinois Board of Higher Education’s requirements for preparing students for entrance into state universities and colleges. These new graduation requirements will allow students to meet and exceed the expectations of higher educational institutions.

Students who fail to meet all graduation requirements will not be allowed to participate in the Baccalaureate Mass or in Graduation Exercises. No blank diplomas are granted. 

Students must complete a total of 24 credits to graduate. Coursework must include the following:

Theology 4 credits
English 4 credits
Math* 3 or 4 credits
Science* 3 or 4 credits
History 3 credits
Physical Ed. 1 credit
Foreign Language 2 credits
Fine Arts 1 credit
Electives 2credits

*Students must take 7 credits total between math and science (i.e. 3 math and 4 science or 4 math and 3 science).